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Tranzacționarea de Metale

Trade Metals Online with FxNet

Take advantage of the market volatility, invest in Metals today.

With FxNet, you can now trade on the most lucrative metals, without physically purchasing the product. We offer two popular ways to trade CFDs on Metals: Cash CFDs and Futures.

Metals Cash CFD:

  • fără dată de expirare
  • mostly used in short-term trading

Metals Future:

  • dată de expirare fixă
  • mostly used in long-term trading

Vă rugăm să rețineți:

Swaps are based on market interest rates, which may vary from time to time and are subject to changes according to the company’s liquidity providers’ rates. Triple swaps apply on Fridays.

Swaps are calculated according to the following formula: Lot Size x Swap Points x Point Value.




Simbol de tranzacționare Spread minim (puncte) Variația minimă a prețului Valoare 1 lot Valoare pip per 1 lot Rată de schimb (puncte) Închidere
Cumpărare Vânzare
XAGUSD 420 0.0001 5000 Troy Ounces 50 USD -33.8 -32.3 Cash
XAUUSD 48 0.01 100 Troy Ounces 1 USD -28.4 -13.4 Cash
XPDUSD 850 0.01 10 Troy Ounces 0.10 USD -30.23 -15.54 Cash
XPTUSD 700 0.01 5 Troy Ounces 0.05 USD -21.12 -16.27 Cash
Copper 70 0.0001 25000 Pounds 2.5 USD -10.9 -9.45 Cash

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