Check out the FxNet brand guidelines handbook

So then, you’ve signed up as an FxNet Partner and want to get started on promoting our brand, company and superb trading conditions. Thing is, you’ll need to first understand what our brand means to us and our thousands of clients before you can start promoting it. To better understand the FxNet brand, you’ll need to get to know it. This is where the FxNet brand book comes into play.

In a nutshell, the FxNet brand book is our brand bible and gives you and all our partners a clear set of rules for how all FxNet marketing materials should be presented, both online and offline.

Why we’ve created the FxNet brand book

Our marketing team put together the FxNet brand book so that it would save you time, money and any future headaches you might experience. Our brand book makes it a lot easier when it comes to creating and maintaining your own FxNet marketing assets. It gives you clear instructions for exactly how things should be done, and we even explain why they’re done that way.

Why does FxNet have a style guide?

FxNet has a style and branding guide to ensure that every visual element we create and produce is consistent.

When people talk about ‘Brand’, they often think about logos, so let’s talk about how the FxNet brand book helps when it comes to our logo. The last thing we (or you) want is for our logo to be used incorrectly. For instance, in the past, we’ve seen our logo appear way smaller than it should, or placed too close to other elements, which effectively kills its impact. Our brand book helps you understand how and where you should place our logo, as well as all other marketing assets that affect the FxNet brand.

What’s included within the FxNet brand book?

We’ve added everything you need to ensure you’ll keep the FxNet brand right up there where it belongs. Interesting things you’ll find in the FxNet brand book include FxNet’s brand history, our visual identity and colour palette, messaging, business cards, and logo specs.

Download the FxNet Brand Book

To get the FxNet brand book, simply register as a partner and we will send it to you via e-mail, together with all the other information you may require.

The FxNet awesome Marketing Team is here to help!

If you need any assistance from the FxNet Marketing Team, send them an email to marketing@fxnet.com and let them know what you need. They’re a great bunch and talented too, plus they’re there to help you succeed!